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Expedia Coupons
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 1. We are looking for great health. 2. We are looking for great temperaments.  3. We look at the conformation
of the dog.
4. We are looking at the pedigree to see the stud dogs back round. There are always a lot of things
to consider when choosing a bulldog stud for
our females.
We have
available bulldog
stud services in
Bulldog studs.
We also have
available puppies
If you have any
questions please
feel free to call
Theresa at
Bulldog Breeder in Michigan, Champions Producing Champions
Bulldog/ English
Bulldog Puppies
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Style Bullet Tiramisu
Our Girls
Look at this head. Her
head is gorgeous. She
has such a sweet
T`Bulls Queen Of Diamonds
Unforgettabullz Faith In Jurasic At T`Bulls
T`Bulls Angel
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